Meeting minutes: 9 March 2017

What’s happening at your Sub-Branch
President’s notes

The Pine Rivers RSL Sub Branch Annual General Meeting was held on 9 March 2017. Three positions were declared vacant and filled by: Cathy Toms as Secretary, Geoff Clemson as a Board Member and myself, Margaret Lord as President. As the new President, one of my first jobs was to gather background information on the structure of the Sub Branch.Did you know that we have over 300 members? There are so many of you who we don’t see on a regular basis.

The only opportunity for members to gather was at monthly general meetings and for a small group on Tuesday and Thursday morning for a drink or two at the bar. I noted that at the first monthly meeting of 2017, a member moved to change the monthly meeting time from Thursday morning to night time to give serving members a chance to attend. I also noted that this does not suit everyone. We will look into this.

On reviewing the Constitution I found that we are obliged to only hold general meetings quarterly. The Board have discussed the value of the current format of general meetings and resolved to hold Board Meetings monthly, as is required by the Constitution to maintain the integrity of the Sub Branch administration standards.

We will hold general meetings quarterly with the first one in June, prior to the State Congress, giving members the opportunity to have a voice at the State Congress. Board meeting minutes will be emailed to members to keep everyone informed. Monthly Get-Togethers We propose holding member and family monthly get-togethers, hopefully of more interest to and requiring more involvement by, all members. We look forward to your suggestions for these monthly events Our monthly get-togethers will kick off with a special presentation on Thursday 13 Apr 2017 at 1900hrs. We have been approached by the daughter of a DFC recipient who was also a past president of the Sub Branch. Her family grew up in the building know known as the WACC She would like to share her father’s story and some history of the building. Following the presentation, we will have the opportunity for all attendees to contribute to a discussion on rebates/discounts/savings/entitlements available.

There are many government and business facilities available which many of us may not be aware of, offering support such as financial assistance and travel bookings. If you have come across something that may be available to others, please come along and share it.

We will attempt to compile a list from this discussion, to share by email for all. We are looking for suggestions for future monthly get-togethers – protecting your identity from fraud (postponed from last year), presentations from government departments or businesses on matters affecting us all, perhaps indoor bowls could start up again, card nights or mornings, health and wellness presentations, day outings or any other ideas.

Widows/widowers of serving and ex-serving members need to be remembered. It is at their time of loss that they need the camaraderie the Sub Branch members can provide to help them along. Please let us know if you are aware of anyone we could be helping and perhaps bring them along to these monthly get-togethers.

What we need to do is “get involved”.

Can you spare a couple of hours a week or month to help with: maintenance of the property, selling meat tray raffles, helping with administrative tasks, stocking and managing the bar at the Sub Branch Please ring or drop in and let us know if there is any expertise or ideas you can offer to help us out.

I would also be interested in hearing from members who have been a pension officer, advocate or welfare officer in the past and are no longer active. I would be interested to know why you stopped.

Your comments and views are appreciated either by email, phone or in person.


Office Hours: Monday to Friday 0900hrs – 1300hrs

Phone: 07 3285 8022

Postal Address
PO Box 24

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