Memorial Gate Dedication


Memorial Gate Dedication

Pine Rivers RSL 1349 Anzac Avenue Kallangur Qld 4503With previous “caretakers” cutting corners to look after the Historic World War I memorial gates at the Pine Rivers Sub-Branch RSL, including the painting of the sandstone and rusted metal, it has taken grants provided by state and federal governments, to bring them back to their former glory.

The gates, first dedicated after World War I, and originally located at the Lawnton showgrounds, were borne from the desire to remember those who did not come home.  It was one of many erected around the country, built from donations from the public.

Pine Rivers Sub-Branch President Mr Phil Wallis said “lots of time and effort, campaigning to the local population and members has resulted in the gates refurbishment”

Due to the nature of previous works had resulted in the gates being damaged. Phil said “it was previously decided to paint the sandstone which ate into the stone, causing it to rot.  We weren’t aware of the extent of the damage until we started the restoration. To think that they may have been beyond repair if we hadn’t begun this process is devastating.”

The restoration process is set to be completed by the end of October, with new plaques added to remember those lost in more recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan to honour the latest group of Australian servicemen and women who have paid the ultimate.

The Pine Rivers District RSL Sub-Branch applied to the Queensland State Government for a grant to refurbish the gates back to their original state, with funds also being donated by the public.

At the same time two new marble plaques will be attached to the gateposts.  These will be inscribed with Iraq and Afghanistan to honour the latest group of Australian servicemen and women who put their lives on the line.

On Saturday the 31st October 2015 the gates will be re-dedicated.  This will take place in the Memorial Gardens in front of North’s leagues Club.  The ceremony will commence at 11.00am. Mr Wallis hoped that it would be well attended by all ex-serving members, residents and community groups in the area, saying “These are not just gates, but a crucial part of our history that we hope to treasure for years to come.”

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